Friday, 9 March 2007

Back to school!

Let's all go back to school!!! For all of you that miss the good old school days, it looks like your luck is in...School disco is the night club that allows you to relive your youth..

With a strict dress code set by the head-master you have no choice but to get that mini skirt out along with your shirt and tie and release the rebel in you! But remeber the head master has his evil eye on you!

Think it isn't fair? Well life isn't fair - Now go do your homework!!... I must say when I went is was one of the best school discos I have ever been to.. With alcohol, your girlies, and old school music that had you singing along all through the night and best of all there was no curfew...What a night!!!

So be young, be fun and go to the school disco on every Saturday night at the Forum... Be there or be SQUARE!!!!

Little Shop of Horrors- plants on world domination!

The hit musical finally comes back to London! Little Shop of Horrors is the classic story of a nervous flower shop owner named Seymour who buys a weird looking plant for his store. However, the plant is a bit special- it offers Seymour fame and fortune in exachange for flesh. And that's when things start to go wrong.

As this show has just opened, there are not a lot of reviews out there on the interweb for it. Especially for this new London show as there are many versions out there at the moment. But with a cast including famous British talent Csuch as Alistair McGowan, Mike McShane and Sheridan Smith, why would you not want to see this musical classic?

Come see this play in the Duke of York Theatre in London! Tickets are avaliable for online booking.

Preview new designers at Bendel's

My blogs so far have focussed on menswear, so i thought I'd cover something for the ladies out there. What better way to start then telling you about a preview event at Henri Bendel in New York, Fifth Avenue.

For those of you in England who perhaps may not be as familiar with the store, Henri Bendel is an upmarket chic women's clothes shop. Bendel's has established a reputation for encouraging up and coming designers.

Twice a year they host an "open see" event, at which customers can personally review their latest merchandise, the range is vast - from fashion accessories to lingerie.

It's on a first come first seen basis, no appointments needed; so if you fancy a piece of New York glamour then head to their store on the 16th of April.

You can find Henri Bendel on 712 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY10019.

Tarzan- the musical!

Yup, it's another musical, but this is so amazing that I just had to talk about it. Plus, you can only see it in New York and not London!

Tarzan is basically a stage adaptation of the Disney film with the Oscar winning music from Phil Collins. The tale of the young man raised by Gorrilas in the jungle and falling in love with the prim and proper Jane is brought to life by an energetic cast doing amazing feats on stage.

The reviews have been mixed. But the most balanced has to be this one from USA Today who gave it three out of four stars.

If you are looking for something a bit light hearted, fun and (for the stunts) breathtaking, I recommend that you see this show. Find out more information on the show and how to book here.

wakey wakey

wakey wakey rise and shine it's brunchfast time!

If you’re feeling like me today, you’ll be wanting a top-notch brunch.

Get you tired behind up to Norma's on west 57th street.
The happiest place to nurse your hangover, where you can enjoy rich roast coffee straight from the grinder.

If you’re feeling peckish try their mango and papaya crepes or even a seared rock lobster omelette?

Set inside ' Le Parker Meridian', Norma's is one of the best places in NYC for brunch, open till 3 you can waste away your day, enjoy fine food with excellent service.

Don't try walking in here in your pyjamas though, a nice shirt and good shoes will suffice for its casual yet professional atmosphere.

A completely over the top experience that all NYLONers should experience once.
This is no greasy spoon 'caf' but very expensive, and very indulgent hangover cure.

Find it at:
118 West 57th Street New York,

Reserve a table on: 212.708.7460.

'The Galapagos Project' - Julie Saul Gallery

'The Galapagos Project' is an exhibition of work by Sarah Anne Johnson on display at the Julie Saul Gallery. The work itself comprises of photographs, drawings and sculptures.
'The Galapagos Project' addresses the romantacised 'Eden' image that most people have of the Galapagos, and presents the poverty and the struggle of its people.

The concept is thought-provoking, but the photographs seem somewhat sanatised and distanced. Johnson's depictions of the people can come across as condescending, and without the historic background of the Galapagos, the exhibition presents nothing new.

The composition of the images is somewhat twee and cliched, though technically sound. The images themselves are pleasant, and if you are unfamiliar with this type of photography it's worth a look. However, poverty is a subject that has been covered extensively, and there are more intense works to see.
'The Galapagos Project' is running from February 16 - March 24
Julie Saul Gallery
535 West 22nd Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10011
tel: 212-627-2410

'Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban' - The Barbican

'Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban' is an exhibition at The Barbican, curated by Shigeru Ban, looking at the work of the Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, who designed not just buildings, but interiors, including glassware, fittings, and textiles.

Alvar Aalto is heralded as one of the masters of modernism, and the title is a fitting one. The exhibition features photographs, drawings, models and artefacts from 14 of Alvar Aalto's key projects. The work itself is fascinating; Aalto's designs fluid and unique.
'Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban' is running from 22 February - 13 May
Barbican Art Gallery
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
tel: 020 7638 8891